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Ummmm… It’s been awhile, and honestly,

This is all that’s happened-

We are approaching Spring Training and the MLB Hot Stove is still ice-cold, so we have only JROD to keep ourselves warm.

Oh, and these amazing tweets-

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 11.46.19 AM

…In other news, I finally came to my millennial senses and have decided to start expressing myself by making crazy YouTube videos. This is a big deal for me, as I have loved writing long run-on sentences pretty much since birth. However, there are athletes currently competing in the Winter Olympics who were born after the year 2000, so yea…

Stay tuned,

Grl On Base

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You May Say I’m a Dreamer… But I’m Not the Only One: On Fantasy & The WBC

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 1.48.11 PM

What do Team USA & I have in common?

All we do is win.

The US has their first WBC title


I am in possession of my Fantasy league’s schmexy trophy jacket. 🙂


I’m planning a parade



But then,

I did actually win this jacket &

It was not easy &

That’s the point.

Interestingly enough, the league-mate who has been coming for my jacket the hardest (by way of talk) is the Newbie

A Cards fan, who drafted Yadi.


All I can say is-

The Cards‘ home opener is tomorrow &

They are playing the Cubs &

I have Bryant & Rizzo &

We are going to hit him where it hurts. ❤

What hurts the most
Was being so close
& Watching Thor go away-

Never knowing
What could have been
& That not sleeping on him
Is what I was tryin’ to do 😥

 I prepped for days, even made a binder w/ Syndergaard’s New Yorker cover on it…



…Losing my NUMBER ONE BASEBALL VALENTINE was definitely the worst part of the draft for me… To make matters worse, my week 1 matchup is against the Palmballers

That makes for a Terrible, Horrible, Noah Good Opening Day for the ‘Staches. 😥

But that’s the draft-

We all come thinking we have everything to gain…


When really-

One person’s gain is everyone else’s pain


One person’s pain is everyone else’s gain


As you can see,


We all packed a lot of both into one small karaoke studio in Little Tokyo.

But in the end-




The reality is, we are a shallow league. We all have amazing teams.

I slept on Syndergaard, but I still got 4 of my Top 10′ (Archer, Marte, Bryant, & Machado.) Plus, I picked up Stroman… & got to watch him become WBC MVP after going 6 hitless for Team USA in the final game.

(I’m so glad I got to share that moment with Commissioner Crabtree & his ‘wave’ of solid pitching. 😉 )


YesThe WAVE is back… The one chick in the league still digs the long ball (you can take the grl outta Camden…) The Palmballers had another quietly strong draft complete w/ some well-timed steals…

SOMEONE had to panic & pick an Athletic no one’s ever heard of & so Ryon Healy became a South Bay Baller in round 22. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Of course- I’ve saved the worst & best for last

Along with taking Yadi, our Resident Rookie (replacing LameFace McGillicuddy) also took J.D. Martinez, David Price, Ian Desmond, & Carlos Carrasco, ALL of whom are dealing w/ injuries-


That’s the worst.

The best?

The best draft, I have to admit, went to the league Selfie King (a man w/ a fashion scarf is someone to fear.)


Commitment clearly isn’t a problem here… &, while I flirted w/ stocking up on base stealers & quality RPs, K-Town actually scored.

So, let the ‘fuck-withery‘ begin!

B/c, in baseball,

Caring is competing-
That is the real reason why my league & the WBC have meant so much to me.

“‘Baseball has an opportunity to heal the country, because of the political, ethnic and racial diversity in its locker room. No other sport has that…’

-Chuck Todd

I know winning isn’t winning without every other player-



That’s why I’m as proud of being our league’s Lady Champ as I am of all of our beloved MLB players who played their hearts out for their countries of origin in the WBC.

I particularly love what Manny had to say about playing for the Dominican Republic (& what his Abuelo had to say about the importance of the bunt.)


A Team Baller,

Your Grl On Base

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A Salty State: One Grl’s Take on Changing the Game

So, they’re getting rid of the four-pitch intentional walk…

To ‘improve the pace of game play.’

My favorite reaction-


I reacted to the news the same way I reacted to Rory’s pregnancy announcement on the Netflix Gilmore Girls’ Revival


It just makes no sense.

Baseball’s slogan might as well be ‘good things come to those who wait.’

That’s the point.


Even the saltiest Cubs‘ critics (myself included) have to admit-

Forcing a Game 7 & then breaking a 108-year-old curse after rain delaying extra innings is what baseball is all about.

It is about what is possible in each & every moment

It is about inducing

& withstanding



Only then

Achieving greatness.

If you don’t have time for that, we probably can’t be friends.


Don’t even get me started on the idea of starting extra innings w/ a runner on 2nd…

It’s baseball. No one is ‘born on second.’

A bag must be earned (& someone’s paying.)

Again, this is baseball. Not Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

I’m 100% with my bf on this one-


Where he & I will probably argue-

Is whether or not to raise the strike zone…

While, in a larger sense, baseball is a perfect metaphor for life

In a smaller sense, it’s about arguing the strike zone…


I am for raising the strike zone


It’s not just b/c I’m an O’s fan. (I swear!)

Just imagine though-

Trumbo @ Camden w/ a raised strike zone…

Watch out, PECOTA! 😀

 …But it’s not about a revenge fantasy, it’s about stats. (I swear!)

‘More and more pitchers throwing harder and harder is a brutally efficient run prevention methodology that works. The inventory of power arms only grows. That’s because throwing a baseball is a very specific skill with few variables…

Hitting, on the other hand, is a complex read-and-react skill that involves far more variables. The training gap will only grow…

Hitters have less time than ever to react—while facing more pitchers with better stuff than ever. And so the rate of strikeouts has gone up for 11 consecutive years.’

To me, raising the strike zone is an adjustment that doesn’t compromise the integrity of the game.

It would be the baseball equivalent of extending the 3-point line in basketball or, dare I even say it- establishing a 4-point line.

Unlike getting rid of the four-pitch intentional walk, it would ‘improve the pace of game play’ considerably w/ more balls in play & higher scoring games.


Now, here’s where I disagree with the Sports Illustrated article quoted above-

‘The raising of the strike zone is nothing but a small, interim step—baseball’s typical rate of change—to modernize the game. Until baseball moves to the inevitabilities of a pitch clock, a limited number of timeouts and a governor on relief pitching (such as requiring a minimum of two batters faced), everything else is just small nips and tucks that don’t amount to real change.’

Um, no.

Out of all team sports, baseball is the most individual.

Only in baseball do you get this mano a mano moment-

What more do you want from them?!?!

Let them take their goddamn time

That is all.


I’m off to secure a tall bookshelf & stream a spring training game now…

❤ Your Grl On Base

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All My Fantasies Are Baseball Fantasies



…It’s like ‘back to school’ swag for people who are too old for Five Star binders, but refuse to grow up & I am here for it.

Just like in the old days, I want it all.

I know I could make all that^ an outfit… all it would take is a LBD, hoops, & black PF Flyers… (&, from now on, that’s the outfit I will be wearing in all my daydreams b/c, sadly, my budget can’t keep up with my cinematic Fantasies.)

Speaking of Fantasies-

My heart stopped when I saw Noah Syndergaard in this promo video.

Fact: He is a Golden God & the only famous person I can remember having had a sex dream about-

It happened shortly after I was traded him in Fantasy last year… & I vaguely remember the words ‘fastball down the middle‘ being used. I woke up giggling… & my husband, already knowing this was baseball-related, sighed & turned his back to me.


Such is the life of the spouse of a Fantasy baseballer… & I feel for him, I really do, but-



Someone’s gotta tell Crabtree how lame ‘The Wave’ is & crush his hopes & dreams-


& I am here for that too.

With Spring Training right around the corner, it is also almost time to resume our Silly Little Game.

Alas, without the Silver Lake ‘Staches, the only thing I’ve been managing is my brother-in-law’s love life… & I am ready to trade in studying selfies for studying players’ stats &, as Valerie Salembier, manager of Salembier’s Flambes, so aptly put it- ‘what they (have) in the back.


Crabtree has ‘fessed up to already living the Fantasy podcast life. (He’s entertaining plans to build his team around Kershaw & delusions of grandeur.)

To which, I say-

Everyone has a strategy before 5+ shots of Crown.

Painted in Waterlogue

Draft Day, Easter 2016. …I went there.


It’s true that one can never be too prepared for Draft Day

But while some choose to dive in head first, I’ve always been a ❤ first kinda grl.

Baseball may be a notorious heart-breaker, but it’s all about courtship going into Spring Training.

1st- It teases you.

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 8.49.08 PM.png

Then- It presents you with shiny new swag.

Next- Pitchers & catchers report right around Valentine’s Day.


& you never know what might happen-

‘On March 13, 1954, Milwaukee Braves left fielder Bobby Thomson fractured his ankle while sliding into second base during a Spring Training game. The next day, (Hank) Aaron made his first Spring Training start for the Braves‘ major league team, playing in left field and hitting a home run.[11] This led Hank Aaron to a major league contract, signed on the final day of Spring Training…’

I’m not saying the O’s or the ‘Staches will be getting a Hank Aaron, but we do have Manny.

…I’m also really excited to get a 1st look @ Trey Mancini, Joey Rickard, & Hyun Soo Kim.

In my opinion, Kim is a sleeper going into 2017. He had a bad Spring Training last year & it took awhile for the O’s to really give him a chance, but when they did- he was great about capitalizing on opportunities to get on base. It was also his first year in the MLB, so I suspect he’ll get off to an easier start this year.

The O’s love the long ball, but I think guys like Kim (& Rickard) are going to be clutch when our sluggers are slumping…

Still- It’s ALL just Fantasy till the season officially starts.

❤ ❤ ❤

On Tenterhooks,

Your Grl On Base

State of the Union

27 Going on 28: Return of EMO (A Grl’s Survival Guide)

fullsizerender1When I was in my early 20’s-

It took multiple glasses of wine & several episodes of The Hills to prepare me for the fresh hell that was going out on a Saturday night… which I’d feel obligated to do after a day of hiding out & eating eclectically (Ramen, canned beans, & Peanut Butter Puffins, anyone?) just b/c I didn’t want to go out, not even to buy groceries, b/c I just couldn’t deal w/ anyone.

So. Emo.

I remember telling myself, someday, I’ll be 28 &-

By the time I’m 28, I’ll be doing yoga every day.

&- By the time I’m 28, I won’t do that thing where I pick at my nail polish in the car when it starts to chip… & then store the shavings in my cup holders… & leave them there for weeks.

B/c- By the time, I’m 28, I’ll be perfect.

It was always just far enough away…

Until last year…

When I turned 28


It was my first difficult birthday, but not for the reasons I might have come up with in my early 20’s. I don’t do yoga every day, but I have a gym membership that gets semi-regular use. I still pick at my nail polish, but there are currently no traces of it in my car. I’m far from perfect, but I’m happy with the choices I’ve made.

To my surprise, the MAJOR FEELZ that came up before my birthday had nothing to do with regretting not going to grad school or being upset that I still don’t own that dream pick-up. Instead, it had everything to do with saying good-bye to my early 20’s. Despite, the fact that I am arguably more perfect (& far less humble) now. 🙂

As a survivor-

I bring you this guide to Surviving:

27 Going on 28: Return of EMO


Step 1: Turn & Face the Music (It’s where you’ll find your mantra.)

Every Emo phase has a soundtrack & mine started w/ this Chainsmokers’ song-

I cranked this song up the first time I heard it on the radio… & then every time after that. My husband was sick of it before I even realized I was going through a thing- a thing that I didn’t even know was a thingCloser is a cautionary tale about back-sliding w/ an ex-


But what it’s really about is masking one’s hurt & celebrating questionable decisions…

What’s more early 20’s than that?

Once you have your ‘OMG MY EARLY 20’s ARE BEHIND ME’ moment. You’re ready to go Full Emo.

tuws8g2-1465765220That’s right. Dust off that old Death Cab album.

Find the music that was once both the truest & most embarrassing thing about you…

For me, it’s that Good Ol’ Country Music

& Miranda Lambert‘s latest album, ‘The Weight of These Wings,’ couldn’t have dropped at a better time… I found the root of angst I was feeling & the mantra that would get me through in the divinely emo song, ‘Runnin’ Just in Case’-

‘Happiness ain’t prison
But there’s freedom in a broken heart.’

giphy-3.gifWhile I never questioned my happiness, I did question whether or not it was something I deserved & could maintain &


Could I be happy & still be me?

I’d reached Full Emo.

Step 2: Burn, Baby, Burn.

Once you reach Full Emo, sh*t is going to come up & nobody can plunge your sh*t but you.

Do what you gotta do, but after you do-

Let It Burn.

This is my way of saying that while Aroldis Chapman, currently 28, was helping the Cubs win the World Series, I was creating a now-deleted Word document titled ‘Poems to Keep the Angst Alive.’ This resulted in 0 successful poems, but I still kept my favorite:

‘In the same building where we met, 

Well after you’d left me there,

A teacher told me I had to make my own black

(He also told me I couldn’t paint.)’


…I know I know better & that’s the thing about getting older-

You start to understand what your black is made of.


Chances are you’re at least a little familiar with the sh*t that’s coming up, because it’s old sh*t. So, go ahead, write that letter to your ex or to your dead-beat dad, but after you do-

In the words of Bowie:

“The moment you know you know you know.”


Trust me, you know.

Step 3: Won’t You Please, Please Help Me? (Open up the doors!)


In my early 20’s, I probably wouldn’t have responded to a girlfriend’s “Happy Birthday! How are you?” text with an emotionally honest answer, but, at 28, I did.

To my surprise, she showed up where I work with flowers & an invitation to grab cocktails the following night.

After the tears have dried, it’s time for a drink… with a girlfriend who has been through what you’re going through.


We met up & I told her about Miranda Lambert’s latest album, about all the looking back I’d been doing, about the blackness, & also about how mortifying it was to see clearly the selfishness I displayed in my youth& she totally got it.

It started to dawn on me that with age also comes the perspective necessary to helping both yourself & others.

Over the course of the evening, we talked about our exes, what we put our mothers through, & the importance of forgiving our younger selves

Which I thought I’d done until

I confessed to essentially ghosting all my exes from my early 20’s, because I was too scared to either respond or reach out.

“Why? What are you afraid might happen?”

I laughed, “Nothing!” It was that simple & easy & true. The fear was not coming from me as a 28 year old woman. It was coming from the grl I was in my early 20’s, stubbornly holding on to her feelings of guilt.


(Burning sh*t is easy, but guilt tends to linger.)

Step 4: Give Yourself Permission (to give 0 f*cks.)

“I think you have to give yourself permission to do what you want,” she said.


For the first time, I really understood what that meant.


When I really removed guilt & fear from the equation, I was left with 0 desire to re-connect with those who I once felt I ‘owed’ it to &, ironically, it made me feel 5 years younger. 😉

I was also able to make a couple new friends, but it took burning the letters/deleting the doc to open the door.

I came away with a sense of clarity-

Turning 28 was about saying goodbye to my early 20’s. That meant honoring my past, esp. the darkest parts, & then finally letting go of some of my old sh*t.


Being 28 is about what I do with the empowerment that comes from really knowing myself. That means being the one to validate my own decisions & forgive my own mistakes.



If you still miss your early 20’s after reading this-

 An episode or two of The Hills (or The Bachelor) ought to bring the emo (& the horror) back into your life (shout out to Rachel, 31!)


Also, Bachelor Fantasy Leagues are a thinggg!



28 & Gr8,

Your Grl On Base.

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Mistakes Were Made – #2016

2016 contained so many endings that now that it has finally ended,

I still can’t believe it.

There’s been a lot of denial,
(I just started a 1,000 piece puzzle consisting of mostly foliage.)
But that, too, must end soon.
…I think a lot of us are in the same boat.


What now?


For me, that means going back to where I left off here @ Grl On Base & piecing together the personally significant moments that happened as what started off as a downright promising year finally came to an end…

We start,

In classic 2016 fashion,

With a tragic boating accident


The death of José Fernández.

(Remember that?)

The death of José Fernández was my first ‘Is this real life?’ moment of 2016.

I mean-

Fernández defected from Cuba.
It took four attempts.
He spent a year in Cuban prison for attempting to leave.
On his fourth & final attempt, a wave carried someone overboard & Fernández jumped in after them-
I dove to help a person not thinking who that person was. Imagine when I realized it was my own mother. If that does not leave a mark on you for the rest of your life, I don’t know what will.’
The 15-year-old Fernandez swam through the waves with Maritza clinging to his back and they reached the boat some 15 minutes later.”

That’s insane.

Then came the headlines-
Marlins ace Fernandez dies in boating accident
Jose Fernandez had cocaine, alcohol in system during fatal boat crash
Unable to fully process the reality of the situation,
The day after his death, I made a mistake-

A #BigSexy mistake…

I left Bartolo Colón in against the Marlins.

(2.1 IP, 27.00 ERA, 3.43 WHIP-

Not an ideal way to start the final week of Fantasy.)

I realized I would need to make some big moves if I really wanted to take it to Crabtree, my year-long nemesis, the one week it really mattered.


This was the end


The Wave* was coming.

(The Wave* is an easy listening radio station & what Crabtree took to calling the sizeable group of solid pitchers he had starting toward the end of the week. He liked it so much he changed his team name to ‘94.7 The Wave.’ Diabolical.)
What happened next might best be described by one whose eloquence certainly rivals that of T.S. Eliot-

Gwen Stefani,

In her 2004 anthem, ‘Hollaback Girl.’


Few times I’ve been around that track
So it’s not just gonna happen like that
‘Cause I ain’t no hollaback grl
I ain’t no hollaback grl
A couple days later, at 2 AM, it dawned on me-
Fantasy was ending & therefore nothing (& no one) was precious any more (except for Manny & MadBum, my two Keepers. ❤ )
Dramatic? Yes. But also effective.


Crabtree was all in on The Wave. He even had a wave patch picked out for our league trophy jacket.
In the meantime, I started building shelter with walls made out of innings pitched (144.2 was the final count) & sandbags full of the best available streaming options.



This my sh*t, this my sh*t. This my sh*t, This my sh*t. This my…

It still came down to a good ol’ fashioned Sunday Showdown,

So that’s right dude, meet me at the bleachers
No principals, no student-teachers
Both of us wanna be the winner, but there can only be oooone

The O’s were looking to lock up their place in the AL Wild Card Game & I was playing for all the marbles,

So I’m gonna fight, gonna give it my all
Gonna make you fall, gonna sock it to ya


On Oct. 2nd 2016,

NO mistakes were made.



That’s right.
I’m the last one standing
Another one bites the dust.

…I won.

The O’s won-

It was a perfect day of perfect streaming.

Perfect Streaming.gif

Yes, the O’s would go on to loose the Wild Card Game in extra innings without using Britton, MLB’s best closer.
Yes, Trevor Bauer CUT HIS FINGER ON A DRONE & had to leave a playoff game b/c it wouldn’t stop bleeding.
Yes, I tried getting into football, b/c, hey LA has a team again & Goff is pretty cute…


Yes, Trump would wind up getting elected into office.

Yes, many more mistakes were made.

So many, in fact,

That come UFC 207-
The worst case scenario is sort of what I’d come to expect,

But I am a sucker for a comeback


& a really great hat…

What I didn’t expect was Cody Freakin’ Garbrandt.

Freakin Garbrandt.gif

In an epic 5 round fight that looked like it might have been 1/3 well-timed voguing,

Cody made UFC 207 his own Oct. 2nd 2016


Beat Dominick Cruz, becoming the new UFC bantamweight champ,







Perfect eyebrows aside, it was just an exemplary display of what sport is all about-
Exactly what’s possible when adequate training, full commitment, & a little bit of trash-talk are combined.

Garbrandt Voguing.gif

So beautiful…

Ronda’s fight was the opposite.

It was like she’d manifested her own worst fears…

It was 2016’s final sucker-punch


It kinda broke my heart.

There’s a lot of speculation that she’ll retire now & a lot of people are weighing in with their opinions.

My feeling is-

Regardless, Ronda was the one who made it possible for women to headline a major UFC PPV event.
Now, Amanda Nunes, the first openly gay champion in UFC history, has defended her belt against THE Ronda Rousey (w/ a classic, old-school Ronda quick-finish, no less.)

That’s MMA herstory & both women have their place.

Should Ronda continue her story in the UFC?
I don’t know, but I liked what Jon Jones had to say-



What Trump had to say is a reminder why we all have to keep fighting in 2017…


But first, I’m going to finish that puzzle


Leave this here:


…Just b/c it’s 2017 doesn’t mean we can’t try


Live every day like it’s

Oct. 2nd 2016


Party like it’s 2004…

(39 days till pitchers & catchers report!)



Your Grl On Base

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When Fantasy & Reality Collide…

Fantasy Vs. Reality?

Today, I choose Reality. The Reality is- it’s a beautiful Saturday morning & just last night, my husband & I had a fantastic date night… that ended with us naked …in bed …making fun of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Awesome Friday Night.

(The Reality is also that we were coming off of an emotional Thursday night, during which I must’ve lost half my body-weight in tears.

It was a classic little-thing-blowing-up-quickly scenario, like the walk that leads to a ‘four-homer, nine-run seventh.’)


It was also a Recovery Friday Night & it started with a date…

When Reality sucks, I choose Fantasy… Baseball. My husband, accepting this, took me to a bar where the Dodgers game was on (I have BOTH Kershaw & Bumgarner in Fantasy) & got some whiskey & wings in me (& that is how you get me naked.)

What was awesome for me in Reality, was not awesome for me in Fantasy

I was expecting double-digit Ks (a category I was losing) from both starters… & that is not what I got.

There’s the rub, but that’s the game.

In the after-math, I’m left leading in Ks… but barely …& my opponent has Wainwright & Price starting today.

Who do I have starting today & tomorrow? NOBODY.

…& we’re tied, 5 -5…

So, with two days of games left, it’s time for some lady-balls-

Are there any SPs I can add that’ll be available & starting tomorrow? Yes.

Is one of them, the O’s very own, Mike Wright? Yes.

Was he sort of sh*tty his last time out? Yes.

Is the other Wright (Steven Wright) maybe a better option? Yes.


Do I just have a feeling about this guy? Yes.




Why the hell not put my lady-balls to the wall & go with my heart? The O’s ARE WINNING!

(Let’s face it-

Any time the O’s are winning it’s a Fantasy turned Reality.)


With Schoop, Trumbo, & Rickard all in for today,

if I go down this week- I go down the honorable way.

 I mean-

In Reality & Fantasy this week, I’ve made some mistakes-

Like shutting a door at the wrong time & benching SO MANY PLAYERS WHEN THEY’VE HOMERED (hilariously leaving me perpetually 1 HR behind my opponent.)


I’ve have had some high-highs…

Like trading-

Not just Salvador Pérez & Victor Martinez for Matt Wieters & Andrew Miller

But also-

Watching that crazy 7th inning when we got home from the bar last night for going to bed with my husband.

Best Trade Ever.

So now-

I pray


plug back in

(I set my lineup early this morning & have opted to write this post without checking the status of the games.)

Just in time for-

The O’s, getting back at it, in just a few short hours…

Once again-


Cheers, your grl on base.

State of the Union


Alright, so, Bleacher Report predicted last week that the Orioles are only going to win 75 games in 2016.

Harsh toke, dude.

Now, when it comes to baseball, I’m still learning as I go, but all I have to say about that is, no. Just. No.

75?! That’s only 2 more games than the 2015 Phillies won.

I don’t know how they came up with that number, but last year, PECOTA (Player Empirical Comparison and Optimization Test Algorithm/ fancy sabermetric projection thingy) predicted just 72 wins for the Kansas City Royals. That’s 1 game less than the Phillies actually won in 2015.

So, screw stats. What about SPIRIT? What about SWAG? ‘Cause a swaggy 161 million dollars checked into spring training camp early (Crush-ed it.) Jonathan Schoop and J.J. Hardy also checked in early. I bet they think they’re going to win more than 75 games this season.

And, ladies, it’s been reported that pitcher Chris Tillman checked into spring training with a hot new bod. (Thank-you, Roch Kubatko, for reporting on what really matters.) The word ‘abs’ was mentioned. Abs = Swag.

Also- we have Buck Showalter, who is essentially a baseball Yoda (as opposed to Mike Matheny, manager of my secret-crush team, the Cardinals, who would be baseball Han Solo.) Buck’s not concerned that we didn’t make many moves during the off-season, saying,

‘…I really like the things we did bringing the people back who were already here. I think they were better than about anything we could have gotten out there from somebody else.’ Preach.

Still, starting pitching has been on everyone’s mind and the O’s have reportedly finally reached an agreement with Yovani Gallardo for a three-year, $35 million contract.

Will Gallardo be worth losing our first round draft pick? General consensus seems to be yes, we need to fill the hole left by Wei-Yen Chen (Can we just have a moment of silence for my Taiwanese homie, who finished last season with a career-best 3.34 ERA over 191 1/3 innings pitched?)

Now, what about Dexter Fowler…

I say, let’s just sign him already, wave good-bye to that second draft pick, and cross our fingers that these late signings will be as auspicious as the late signings of Ubaldo Jimenez and Nelson Cruz in 2014.

Why don’t we end this with an up-beat stat from Buck himself- the O’s have won more regular-season games over the past four years than any other American League team. So there.

XO, your grl on base.